On 36 reserves across Australia our field
staff are out there every day, ensuring the
vibrant living things that call these
landscapes home are protected, forever.


Stella Shipway

Healthy Country Manager - Western Australian Deserts 

As the Healthy Country Manager for the Western Australian Deserts, Stella supports the partnership between Bush Heritage and Birriliburu Rangers across 6.6 million hectares of Indigenous Protected Land. One of her favourite activities is waru (fire) management. Under a right-way science approach, Stella works with the rangers incorporating traditional skills and Western science to map fire scars, undertake cultural burns and reduce the severity of bushfires to benefit species like the Bilby.

Richard Geddes

National Fire Program Manager - Australia Wide

Richard Geddes supports fire management across the network of Bush Heritage reserves and Aboriginal partnership areas. His interest in fire took off after being lucky enough to work with Traditional Owners in Kakadu and Arnhem Land over 20 years ago. In this region, fire helps to protect and shape this cultural landscape and connects Aboriginal people with looking after their country. Now each day at work is different and changes with the cycle of fire seasons around the country from the tropics to temperate areas and everywhere in between; from developing and implementing fire management plans on Bush Heritage reserves to supporting Aboriginal partnerships and their ranger programs to plan and implement their right way fire programs. He loves seeing plants and animals thrive when fire is managed well in the landscape.

Greg Carroll

Reserve Manager - Naree Station Reserve, Budjiti country, New South Wales 

Greg was a “nerdy nature kid” who spent hours looking in rock pools when at the beach to see what he could find. Now, with the help of a science degree he has turned his curiosity for the natural world into a full-time job, looking after Naree Station Reserve and the adjoining Yantabulla Reserve on Budjiti country in New South Wales. Naree is a former pastoral property in one of the least disturbed parts of the Murray Darling Basin. Greg lives and works on the reserve helping protect the nationally significant arid-zone ephemeral wetlands and surrounding woodlands through monitoring, feral, weed and fire management programs across the 31,000-hectare reserves.

Jessica Stingemore

Reserve Manager - Charles Darwin Reserve, Badimia country, Western Australia  

Jessica fell in love with Charles Darwin Reserve and Badimia Country after many years of volunteering and working in the area. At the start of 2020, she took on the role of looking after the 68,600-hectare reserve that is home to more than 680 plant species and provides habitat for over 230 animal species, including the nationally vulnerable Malleefowl – one of Jessica’s favourite species. She lives on the reserve with her partner Dean and they are both excited to wake up every morning in Badimia country because every day they know they are making a difference to people and the environment.

Cissy Gore-Birch

Executive Manager Aboriginal Engagement - Miriwoong and Gajirrabeng country, Western Australia

“One of the best parts of my job is getting out on country, hearing the old people talk, and seeing the young people sitting around and listening and being in a position of influence, making change for our partnerships and our people.”

Cissy is a Jaru/Kija woman who has always had a passion for country and connection. She grew up on Balanggarra country in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia, and now oversees Bush Heritage’s Aboriginal Partnerships program, which consists of 25 Aboriginal partnerships throughout the country.

Kate & Clint Taylor

Reserve Manager - Bon Bon Station Reserve, Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara country, South Australia

Clint Taylor describes Bon Bon Station Reserve as Bush Heritage’s “best kept secret and jewel in the crown”. Since 2016 he has been looking after the 216,700-hectare reserve with his wife and partner-in-crime, Kate Taylor. Together they oversee feral predator and weed control programs, implement fire management and undertake erosion control across the wonderfully diverse plains, woodlands and wetland systems.