Where will you do the Groundwork Challenge?
Find a trail to run, walk or roll near you.

They say you’ll never work a day in your life if you find a job you enjoy, and the same is true of exercising. Make your Groundwork Challenge an adventure and use it as a chance to explore the bush in your background. You’ll be so distracted by the sites around you that you won’t even notice the kilometres passing by.

Trail Hiking Australia

Trail Hiking Australia is your one-stop-shop for Australian hiking trails. Whether you’re looking for a 20 minute stroll close to home, a two hour trial run or a 10 day epic, Trail Hiking has it all. The advanced search function allows you to filter by length, duration, difficulty, proximity to public transport, accessible facilities, dog-friendly hikes and much, much more.

We Are Explorers

The We Are Explorers ‘Find your adventure’ page features an easy-to-use map search function, so you can find all the best trails and trips in your backyard and beyond. (You’re also likely to some some serious inspiration for your next micro-adventure, road trip or escape while you’re there.)

Rail Trails Australia

Rail trails are a scenic and accessible way to see your local area. These shared-use paths are created from old railway corridors, and can be used for running, walking, cycling or even horse riding. Their gentle gradients make them appropriate for the whole family, too.

All Trails

With over 4,000 hiking, trail running and mountain biking trails listed in Australia, All Trails really does deliver on the promise of its name.