Jamie Lepre

I'm digging deep for the land I love

I’m taking on the Groundwork Challenge!

1 in 5 Australian mammals are on the endangered species list.

That’s why from 16 November until 16 December, I’m digging deep for the land I love.

I’ve committed to dancing everyday to protect our native species and their precious habitats.

Please support me and help protect the land we all call home by making a tax deductible donation to Bush Heritage Australia.

And if you donate over $50, I'll boogie to whatever song floats your boat.

Together, we can help restore the bush and protect our native species and have a good time while doing it!

In joy,


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Emma Lepre

You are amazing!!!! xxx


John Lepre



Yael Stone

Go Jamie go!


Sharon Barbaro


Sean Grogan

Such amazing moves for a land in need ! Great work mate !


Bread, Espresso &

“Mammal Talk” By Prince of Eden 😊


Lucinda Fraser

Hi from lucindanature on Instagram! Love the way you are raising awareness for Bush Heritage Aus, and also reclaiming joy and healing through movement 😊


Sam Hagen


Kyle Troughton

Good stuff mate !!


Lucy Loft

What a legend, thank you


Kath Huggins

You’re a bloody legend, mate. Don’t know you personally but I hope I get to meet you one day. Fantastic dancing for a fantastic cause!



Well done Jamie


Val Wallington

Well done Jamie. So glad to see you've found yet another great cause


Megan Gale

You're a good egg Jamie! And, quite the mover and shaker!!


Elyse Comerford

The Bad Touch- Blood Hound Gang ..... love you long time!! Xx


Melinda M

Dance on and into the beyond 💚


Mahanidis Family

Hi Jamie, We love your dancing!!!! We would appreciate some ballet moves!!!! the team @mahanidiswellnesscentre


Dollar Match Day

Matched Donation


Ahmed Natiq

Sorry, I wish I could help more



Thank you for being a shining light in a world sometime full of darkness Jamie. Gosh we love you. My song request if I could have one would be ‘Wherever you go’ by the Avalanches. Happy to bring the hoops Sunday morning if you are up for it!


Paul Hellier

💥 nice work brother.


Noni Wallace


Sean Brokman


Aaron Steed

Fantastic idea buddy, too many options but today I’m requesting “Arpo” by Ronmoth.


Dean Howcroft

Love y work bro


Jamie Lepre



What a joyous approach to making a difference... absolutely LOVE it! 💚 Good on you!




Wendy And Bo Brennan

Our song for you to dance to is Faith in me - gallentine Dolly Parton mr probz



As per your rules I get to request a song! I request you dance to Mariah Carey ‘All I want for Christmas’ 😊 love you! Keep up the good work


Axi Cooper

Love it !!! Song for the land - “Return of The Bird Tribes”, Deya Dova Xxx


Benjamin Johnson

Loving your work. This is from me and Billy. Could we request a song? "Could heaven ever be like this?" Idris Muhammad


Guy Duncan

Get em tiger Don’t stop fightin xx


Tim Silverwood

Keep dancing legend!



Amazing dance moves. And very fast track you chose but beautiful nevertheless! Awesome work, keep it up!


Mel Russell

Get it


Kali Boermans

Love this so much!!!


Rachael Parlett

Love it Jamie 🙌🏻


Laura Street

Amazing work!!!!!


Sara Phillips

Love your dancing in the bush Jamie- love the work of Bush Heritage too




Lynn Frino

Awesome moves Jamie, and a long song!!!



Your dedication and l love for the land is a beautiful gift. Thank you for showing us all how it's done with so much joy!


Carole Walker


Jess Whittaker



Clare Winter

Love your work!


Harrison Dwyer


Dean Hayward

Love you.


Kathryn Broadfoot

Love it Jamie... Powering into 2021


Lizzie Whiting

Loving your boogie for the bush!



Such a positive thing to do!


M Keats

Keep on doofin’





Heather Blue


Mr Eccles

Nice work Jamie your a star ⭐️


Nick Davies

Keep stomping brother!


Laurie Teeter

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