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I'm digging deep for the land I love

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My target 240 kms

I’m taking on the Groundwork Challenge!

1 in 5 Australian mammals are on the endangered species list.

That’s why from 16 November until 16 December, I’m digging deep for the land I love.

I’ve committed to walking and or cyclng every day to protect our native species and their precious habitats.

Please support me and help protect the land we all call home by making a tax deductible donation to Bush Heritage Australia.

Together, we can help restore the bush and protect our native species.

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Tuesday 15th Dec
Mou sugu owarimashita! I'm finished soon! Been an epic month and so thankful to my sponsors for their generosity and encouragement! Final leg tomorrow is a bike ride on the Gippsland Rail Trail. I'll be mopping up the remainder of my kms and taking it home to 240km this month. Very happy with that.

!! BEHOLD !!

Wednesday 2nd Dec
A Fat-Tailed Dunnart, alert and cute! These magnificent Dasyuridae are currently being protected on Dja Dja Wurrung country by Bush Heritage Australia. When you think about the loss of these cheery bouncers to feline or fox dont give in to insurmountable sadness, sponsor me so Bush Heritage can help conserve and preserve them! I'm half way through the challenge but our marsupial friends have a longer ways to go. DONATE TODAY!!

Wanderin' the Plains

Thursday 19th Nov
Above is a rare Plains Wanderer. It is a curious critter indeed. It has a distinct genealogy stretching thinly back to Gondwanan times with its closest relatives being a bloody seagull or one Seedsnipe all the way over in South America. But, Hark!! It is critically endangered! Bush Heritage Australia are hard at work ensuring their preferred habitat of semi-arid, native grasslands are being preserved.

Motion for Change

Monday 16th Nov
After a period of stagnation I am excited about getting my Jimmy legs moving, which ever way they can.

As I move, 
I am acknowledging First Nations who sovereignty, spiritual and physical, was never ceded.  
I am contemplating the land being repaired and restored.
I am anticipating animals and plants living their fullest lives.
I am imagining the rewards of our efforts and energy combined


Thank you to my Sponsors


Bree Claffey

Great one Claire! XO


Gregory Brown

Go girl!! X



Great cause Claire!! The Wilson clan is happy to help!!


Bee Pee

What a commitment! Fantastic!


Claire Alexander


Alison Morgan


Judith Alexander

Good Luck



you rock


Ebony Truscott

Go you good thing!


Melanie Chilianis

Good one Claire - such a great organisation to be involved with. One of the most pressing challenges of our era. Land justice. Impressive activity!


Cassio K

Thanks for doing this you highly awesome human xxxxx


J & C Alexander

Great work Claire and a great cause.


Alexanders In Spain

Good Luck Claire!!


Mark Brown


The Southern Huguenin’s ?

Go Claire, awesome challenge & cause! 😊


Tamara Alexander

Wonderful cause, wonderful Cuz 💚


Chris Austin

Nice one Claire.👍


Andrew Brown


Maree Brady

Good luck & well done


Kerry Mitchell

Love u lady!


Tim Jones

Nice work amigo



Woohoo! Great cause!


Carmel Bello


Kees De Bruyn

Stay hard


Elon Musk


Jam Judy


Michelle Morgan

Fantastic Claire!


Emma Gault


Dan Li

This is fantastic!! Good for you, Claire~

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