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I’m taking on the Groundwork Challenge!

1 in 5 Australian mammals are on the endangered species list.

That’s why from 16 November until 16 December, I’m digging deep for the land I love.

I’ve committed to running/walking/rolling every day to protect our native species and their precious habitats.

Please support me and help protect the land we all call home by making a tax deductible donation to Bush Heritage Australia.

Together, we can help restore the bush and protect our native species.

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Day 29 - Jenolan Caves & Mayfield Gardens Oberon - 5.3km

Tuesday 15th Dec
Wow!!! What a day...whooot!  The weather was misty and drizzly. Started by doing the crazy windy road down to Jenolan Caves. It was warm and steamy with cicadas singing loudly all around. The fantastic giant archway entrance was not accessible by foot and the lovely walk to the Jenolan Cascades still out of bounds due to extensive repair work still being carried out since the fires last Xmas. Decided to do the guided tour into the Orient Cave, the one with the most crystals to see. Spectacular! See pics below. Still much of the day left so went on to Oberon to the Mayfield Gardens. What a gobsmacking place. Like a fairy tale setting. So much to see. The water gardens are just beautiful and the water lilies were in full bloom. I will definitely be going back there again. Check out the many pics below of a truly brilliant day to end the Bush Challenge. 1 day early and 1km over the finish line... Yay!

Day 28 - Lake Wallace Walk to Southern Shore - 4km

Monday 14th Dec
Had to take the dogs out for a walk today. We played ball for a while and the sun suddenly shone through the dark clouds with a golden glow that was really cool. After a good play session off lead we then went for a walk to the south end of the lake as far as you can go. Beyond the Dragon Boat Club House there is a lovely alcove with a beachy area and shallow water. The reeds have really reclaimed the area and old willow tree is all still struggling along. Lovely view over the reeds to the private land over the other side. 

Day 27 - Shipley Plateau & Mount Blackheath - 8km

Monday 14th Dec
Wanted to get some km done today with a brisk walk on very good dirt road to the Hargreaves Lookout on Shipley Plateau which lies between Blackheath and Medlow Bath. Great views across the Megalong Valley and you can just see the famous Hydro Majestic Hotel in the distance. Then on to the Mount Blackheath lookout which was a surprise. A large Astroturf mound curving steeply downward toward the cliff edge. Bit of a laugh and 8km done. Check out the pics below.

Day 26 - Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens - 6km

Saturday 12th Dec
What a great place! It has been a year since the bushfires were closing in around this area. Many of the outer perimeters of the gardens are still not accessible due to fire damage but the main area and pathways are all good. Wonderful to see massive regrowth on even the blackest of tree trunks. So much to see and photograph... a great day out.

Bathurst Riverside Walk - 6km

Saturday 12th Dec
Had an MRI on the knee here in Bathurst and took the opportunity to go for a lovely walk afterwards along the  Macquarie River banks. It is an easy walk along a cement pathway although I did investigate some great spots at the rivers' edge too. Able to keep up a brisk pace to do some km needed to catch up to my target. Check out the lovely river pics below.

21 Days - Catalina Park - Katoomba - 6km

Wednesday 9th Dec
What a lovely place!  Long time since I've been back here. Used to be a daily walk with the dogs for almost 10 years when we lived here. Nature has really reclaimed the race circuit. The vegetation is thick and lush. There are so many spots that have been created to have a rest and read about the history of the place and indigenous  people that called it home.  Lots of birdlife and butterflies everywhere. A great day out. 🦋

Short & Sweet - 3km

Tuesday 8th Dec
Had to take a week off to recuperate from a slip on the gravel which twisted my ankle and knee. Ankle recovered quickly but the knee is taking some time. Did a short rather slow and careful walk at the local park to give the dogs some exercise and get some fresh air. Lovely birds all about. Managed to snap a few and some lovely purple wild grass flowering after the rains.

Day 16 - Three Sisters Katoomba - 6.5km

Tuesday 1st Dec
Forecast = 32C degrees today. Early morning set off to do the walk from Scenic Railway via Prince Henry Cliff walk to the Three Sisters and back. The air felt so fresh and cool . The lyrebirds singing in the lush vegetation and the sound of running water from Katoomba Cascades made the whole thing fantastic. I noticed some critters that had been placed along the path. The cicada was tricky to spot. Just had to go the extra steps down onto the first of the Three Sisters to get the view from there. Awesome morning! Check out the many pics below.

Day 15 - Early Morning On The Far Shore - 2km

Monday 30th Nov
Brrr... after the heatwave weekend I needed to get out early to beat the heat but... didn't need to worry, it was pretty chilly. We went to the far side of the lake again to see it in the daylight and went briskly to the very edge of the small peninsular. The rest of the shoreline is fenced off as private land. Took some panorama pics looking back over to our normal play area. It is pretty big!

Day 14 - Far Side of Lake Wallace - 2km

Sunday 29th Nov
We had a heatwave weekend so didn't do much bushwalking but stayed in trying to stay cool. Sunday evening the weather started cooling down so I took the dogs for a walk around to the far side of the lake. The wind died right down and the clouds in the sky painted the most beautiful sunset.

Day 12 - Lake Pillans Wetlands - 6km

Friday 27th Nov
It has been a year since I've been here last. The water was very low then and some areas were just mud. This was just before the massive bushfires. You can see in the pics below that the wooden walkways over the water are gone and the mountain in the background is still quite bald of vegetation. The water level is back to normal and the trees and bush are regenerating around the Wetlands though.

Day 10! 4km

Wednesday 25th Nov
Well had to miss a day or two because of the heavy rain.  At least the weather has cooled and was able to go out for a good session. We had a brief sun shower and then a big double rainbow... very special!

Day 8 In the rain! 4.5km

Monday 23rd Nov
Heavy rain this morning. Cleared a bit this afternoon. Got the dogs and went to the lake for a run around and ball play. Started well, for the first 45 mins... then the heavens opened and we all got thoroughly soaked.  Just as well though, as Toffee had a lie down in a big mud puddle earlier.

Day 7 Bracy Lookout - 3km

Sunday 22nd Nov
Did the walk up to Bracey Lookout that overlooks Lithgow town. Planned to do the walk from the bottom all the way but the heavy rain last night made it super humid and the morning was hot and steamy in the bush. Decided to do the shorter route instead. Saw 2 male lyre birds strutting across the track and also 4 yellow tail black cockatoos wafted overhead quite slowly but I was not quick enough with the camera.

Day 6 Sheedys Gully - 6km

Saturday 21st Nov
Decided to explore another track that runs along the ridge between Sheedys Gully and Littleton.  Some lovely rock features and spots where you can see out over the valley or down into steep gullies. 

Day 4 Hassans Walls & dogs - 6km

Thursday 19th Nov
Dogs started to harrass me as soon as I got up this morning. Couldn't refuse so we did a jog/walk/stop and sniff all the way. Saw a group 4 yellow tail black cockatoos calling in the trees. Special. 

Day 3 Bush Challenge - 3 km

Wednesday 18th Nov
Sunset early evening walk around the lake. Loads of birdlife. Large group of galahs in the grass, took off before I could get a pic.  Gorgeous family of ducks with ducklings and a couple of coots.  See pic at bottom of page

Day 2 Bush Challenge - 3km

Tuesday 17th Nov
A lovely walk at Lake Wallace this morning with Toffee & Fudge. 

Day 1 Bush Challenge - 6km

Monday 16th Nov
Windy up on top of Hassans Walls Lithgow. Very welcome as there wasn't a breath of air in amongst the trees on the way up for 182m elevation .

Challenge Accepted!

Saturday 14th Nov
Taking on the challenge to walk/jog/cycle/run 100km over 30 days starting from Monday 16th November. Should be good fun!
As the weather is getting warmer now, I think early morning will be the best time to get out there.

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