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I'm digging deep for the land I love

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I’m taking on the Groundwork Challenge!

1 in 5 Australian mammals are on the endangered species list.

That’s why from 16 November until 16 December, I’m digging deep for the land I love.

I’ve committed to running/walking/rolling every day to protect our native species and their precious habitats.

Please support me and help protect the land we all call home by making a tax deductible donation to Bush Heritage Australia.

Together, we can help restore the bush and protect our native species.

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Gold Coast Great Walk

Monday 16th Nov
There's nothing like a 3 day hike to get the muscles warmed up in anticipation for the Groundwork Challenge! My wife, some intrepid friends and I completed the Gold Coast great walk over the weekend and had a wonderful time. We hiked from Green Mountains (O'Reillys) in Lamington National Park, through Binna Burra, and onto the Settlement Camping area in Springbrook National Park.

We hiked through rainfoest, open gum forest, through dairy country and along fire trails. We saw all manner of birds, a lace monitor lizard, a land mullet (its a thing, trust me) and plenty of bugs. We sweltered in the blazing midday sun and swam in shaded rock pools.

I'm so glad that I can enjoy these National Parks and that Bush Heritage is continuing this tradition of preserving our amazing wilderness!

A huge thank you to all my incredible family and friends who have donated so far, you're all freaking amazing xoxoxox

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Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration.


Nancy Vuong

Thanks for helping our native wildlife. <3


James Lewis


Kate Lewis

My hero!


Rob Riley


Mum’s Old Friend From Way Back

Keep up the trekking James.. all for a great cause xx


Briony Driscoll


Aunty Ro

You can do it - ride to my house and back 👍🏼


Two Blushing Pilgrims

A worthy cause! Get peddlin'!


Samuel Lewis

I would like to purchase 20km, thank you. xx


Steph Cook

If you run out of places to trek, you could always have a crack at our backyard!


Craig Newman

Should be good for a few hill climbs!!


Ben Day


Eric Brown

Great job birthday bullet


Scott J. Moore





Nice one James ;)

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