Hairy-nosed wombats

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We’re taking on the Groundwork Challenge!

1 in 5 Australian mammals are on the endangered species list.

From 16 November until 16 December, we’re digging deep for the land we love.

We’ve committed to running/walking/rolling every day to protect our native species and their precious habitats.

Please support us and help protect the land we all call home by making a tax deductible donation to Bush Heritage Australia.

Together, we can help restore the bush and protect our native species. 

Thank you to our Sponsors


Marnee Fox


Louis Johanson


Suzie Ramli


Merry Azali


Kristina Merry Monisa Azali


Grace Anwar


Cando, Nath & Juju

Onya Ika!


Danilo Sidari

Forza Marnee


Michelle Vuong

Run like a wombat! Hop like a wallaby! Fly like a flying fox!


Clarissa Luwia


Hendri Liauw


Kamelia Halim


Alicia Davis


Angus Easthope


Katie Elliott

Go iks!


Kevin Proctor


Jane Easthope

Go Ang - really good cause




Annick Kessels



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